We have 4 new vaults from Dopple.Finance, a Stablecoin DEX on the Binance Smart Chain! They are currently going through a CertiK audit which will roughly be completed in the last week of May.


Mint DOLLY on their dapp page if you want to take part in the BUSD/USDT/DOLLY vault and head over to Crow Finance! With over 100% APY on stablecoins, we daresay you can’t get anything better than Dopple right now on the BSC!

About Dopple Finance

The Dopple Finance protocol is designed for efficiently trading stablecoins and pegged assets. They launched their first pool with a basket of a dollar-pegged stablecoins consisting of BUSD, USDT, DAI, USDC & UST.

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Bringing radioactive goodness to yield farming!

Dividends in the world of DeFi?

Today, we are introducing Uranium Finance vaults on our site. Uranium.finance is a fair launch project which aims to simply return the majority of the profits to their users: yield farmers are treat as shareholders instead of only liquidity providers!

  • U92-BUSD LP
  • U92-BNB LP

Please check out their gitbook documentation for more information.

Tokenomics of U92

How it works



The Ellipsis 3pool (BUSD, USDC & USDT) vault will provide auto-compounding for your stablecoins while you wait to catch the dip!

The new vaults

Crow Finance developers were hard at work and has added 2 new auto-compounding vaults from Ellipsis Finance to our Crow platform!


Simply become a liquidity provider in the PancakeSwap EPS-BNB LP and stake your tokens on Crow Finance!

About Ellipsis Finance

Ellipsis Finance officially launched on March 2021 as an authorized fork of Curve Finance. It is an automated market maker (AMM) or exchange that allows users and other decentralized protocols to trade between different stablecoins with very low slippage compared to other AMM solutions.

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CrowFinance an Evolution Yield Farming on Binance Smart Chain